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I have recently launched a career in freelance creative work and, while I am confident in my talents, I have never counted "selling myself" among them.


Devlin helped me see my resume and portfolio through the eyes of a potential client, and provided specific knowledge that otherwise might have taken me years to accumulate through grueling trial and error.

Ron Aalgar Watt

Voice Actor and Audio Drama Producer

I went to Devlin for career counseling and a portfolio review, and her advice was amazing! She helped me establish clear career goals and make my portfolio better for job applications. I was able to get all my questions answered about applying for visual development jobs and she also edited my resume and cover letter.


I now feel much more confident about my job applications and have clear goals to work toward! I highly recommend people to seek out her advice if you are serious about a career in animation and related fields!

Jen Ingertila

Visual Development Artist

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